Sirgun (Samantha Lindsay-German) started practising Kundalini Yoga as a tool to support herself during the deployment of her husband to Afghanistan.  She has been teaching yoga for over 10 years having trained and studied in Kundalini, Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga as well as in Pilates and is a Conscious Pregnancy Teacher. Sirgun spent 8 years serving in the British Army before marrying her husband and becoming a mother to her 4 beautiful children.  Her main areas of interest include trauma particularly PTSD  and Women’s Teachings.  She is a trained Holistic Counsellor, Massage therapist and Reiki healer.

She uses her tools and her life experience to support people in living a life of truth, love and health.


Sirgun’s classes are for the modern witch. Through kundalini yoga she allows the great goddess to sweep through every fibre of your being and allow you to feel, complete, alive and WOMAN. You’ll tap into your mystical self and craft your super powers.
Share yoga, tea, tarot and time with other beautiful women.


Mondays on Path to Grace • 6.30pm // Soul Space, Newmarket

Thursdays 9.30am // Samford Valley, Private Address available with bookings


As well as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Sirgun is also a holistic Counsellor and has special training in womens studies, fertility, pregnancy, post natal, menopause and tantric numerology.


Work with Sirgun to tune into where you are experiencing challenge, suffering or trauma in your life, map your tantric numerology. A personalised program based on the healing technology of kundalini will be applied.

Sessions available at Sirgun's home studio in Samford Valley or Via Zoom meeting rooms. 


From the yoga mat, to the classroom, school camps and National Parks, Sat Ravi is a calm and joyful teacher in many settings. Sat Ravi currently teaches at a girl’s school working with young women to engage their intellect, encourage their dreams and inspire greatness so they may grow into strong and empowered women leading a positive future.   


Sat Ravi has been a Kundalini Yoga Teacher since 2009 training in Melbourne with GuruJivan Kaur. She has completed four Level 2 training modules with highly accomplished senior teachers including Sunder Singh, GuruDass Singh and ShivCharan Singh. She has trained with Suraj Kaur in Conscious Pregnancy and also studied Yoga for Teens, and Trauma Sensitive Yoga.  


Sat Ravi is a stepmother for two magical creations. In her play time she loves bike riding, bush walking, beach adventures, picnics, movies, reading and dancing.


St Ravi brings the gift of music to classes using the harmonium, guitar and voice, for a unique and elevating experience and has a love for Breath of Fire, Froggies and mantra. Expect elevation! 


Mondays on Path to Grace • 6.30pm // Soul Space, Newmarket


Sat Ravi works with you on how to recognise and manage stress, so that you can thrive rather than just survive while finding the courage to align your life with your purpose to bring meaning and satisfaction.

Sessions available in Brisbane or Via Zoom meeting rooms. 


Tera Manpreet (Leila) discovered kundalini yoga after a long time search of a modality that combined ancient wisdom, mystery schools of thought and practice, a complete model for health, wellbeing and spirituality. She likens kundalini yoga to the ancient practices of the Atlantean civilisations of ritualistic lifestyle within the temples of the gods and goddesses and draws energy from these teachings for her own everyday life and to inspire others to live an awakened, healthy and magical life. 

Tera Manpreet is also qualified Hatha yoga teacher with specific interest in Ayurveda and Psychosomatic therapy and has a rich history in small business business management and strategy, website design, event management and social media marketing. She and her husband also run a Mexican street food business. Together they have three beautiful children ranging from early childhood to teenage years and have dedicated their lives to living as Earth Angels - to support and love each other, their families, their communities and anyone else who needs it.


Tera Manpreet's classes are held on the beautiful Tamborine Mountain amongst the tropical palm trees and birds. She's shares her deep wisdom and appreciation for the complete system and capacity of the human body and guides you through a cosmic journey of the universe, grounded deeply in your body.


Tuesdays 11am // Thursdays 7pm 

Heart of the Soul's Sacred Space - 155-157 Long Road, Tamborine Mountain

(Gallery Walk)



Tera Manpreet offers three separate mentoring programs

1. Spiritual Guidance for the Entrepreneur 

She works with you on

• Your dharma and karma and how it plays out in your destiny in your business

• Aligning the fragments of your life to bring together a clear pathway forward

• Personalised support in business strategy, social media scheduling, financial planning & budgeting, event & workshop project management

• Lifestyle planning in relation to balancing career, family and personal goals

2. Life Path and Name Readings

To uncover the vibrational frequency you are blessed with this lifetime. Using of your name and birthdate and applying numerology and atlantean technology we uncover specific gifts and challenges that live within your vibrational frequency and bring into awareness how these aspects have powerful influence in your life.