Sat Nam dear Graceful Women,

It is with great emotion that we write to you all to let you know that we have decided together

to close Graceful Women.

Our small business startup has looked to supporting our community, our students and our families. On the verge of our biggest year to date with even the real possibility of opening a studio, we have come to realise that we in fact need to take some time out for ourselves. In a modern reality where women are striving to be anything and everything all at once, we recognise that we don’t want to push anymore.
We have decided to take the radical step to Stop.

We head our own families collectively including eight children ranging from new born to high school graduate and everything in between, and this is a year of great change and presence on the homefront for all of us. We have come to recognise that we are needing to make time to recalibrate our lives.

As Mothers, and as Women, we hope you understand.

We are so grateful to this community and these four amazing years together. For all the women who have found us, for the friends we have made, for the opportunities we have had. We are so proud of what we have achieved. For creating something really vibrant from a shared vision and for the way we have championed women working together in business, consciously and gracefully.

For those booked into this years upcoming programs we will be in touch to organise a full refund

of your course fees.

You can find out below how to connect with each of us and our offerings.

The is not farewell, rather the end of a chapter as many doors of opportunity open.

Yogi Bhajan says you should never close a door but always leave it ajar.

We would like you to know that our doors are open to you.

It has been our greatest honour and blessing to serve you.

Sirgun, Sat Ravi and Tera Manpreet

   “ The greatest thing you can praise is yourself.

As you stand before the mirror and look into it, you look to yourself as a woman.

You look to yourself as a graceful woman.

You look to yourself as a competent, intelligent woman.

You can give thanks for it.

It should be so automatic with you.

 It should be so real.”



Samantha Lindsay-German

Yoga Classes & Retreats in Samford Valley & Brisbane

Home Classes in Samford Valley Thursdays 9.30am from February 6

Zama Yoga on Monday and Tuesdays at 9.30am

Supporting Zama Yoga and Celia Roberts (BIOME) with teacher trainings

Reiki Healings, Lomi Lomi Massage & Holistic Counselling

Commencing 27 January from my new home Healing Space!


Reiki Level One Training

Will be offered later this year



Meg Cossar

Yoga Classes & Mothers Circles in Brisbane

Commencing this year. More information coming soon!


m 0476 791 193


Leila McKail

Website Design, Business Mentoring & Strategy

Specialising in yoga, spiritual and wellbeing businesses

Websites for Event & Workshop Ticketing, Online Courses, Yoga Class Booking Systems with an emphasis on streamlining Marketing and rapid business growth. 

Business & Social Media Online Courses 

Coming later this year

Yoga Classes on Tamborine Mountain 

Commencing from the week starting 27 January


m 0430 506 881 


All of our online classes are now available on our YouTube channel.

You can either take each class as a stand alone kundalini yoga class or view the playlists for the full courses.

For students with current online course memberships please visit our youtube channel for ongoing access to your courses - links below.