Sometimes we need the support of another woman.

We need to be listened to. To be able to speak freely. We need to feel safe and we need a space in which we can go through our own personal transformation.


How can I make a real shift in my life?

How can I become truly happy? 

I would like to be healthier!  

Can I have better relationships?

I am trying to conceive...

Are you pregnant and wanting to know how best to support your self on this journey?

Are you a Mum, a wife, a woman who feels there is another way

and you would like to be supported to make change?

Are you a yoga teacher, an entrepreneur or heart centred business owner needing direction, business strategy support and lifestyle support - balancing it all?


Working with us means transformation on a level created specifically for you every step of the way. 

We will listen deeply to you and we will support you where you are.  Woman to Woman. The combination of somatic therapy, yoga and meditation, and talk therapy, coaching is proven to support you on your journey.

We can help you to face the challenges life brings us with grace and ease. 

We can assist you in learning how to live life in alignment with your truth. 

We can help you to get to know yourself again and to rediscover who you are.  

We support clients in many different areas. 


We draw on our own life experience and the Woman’s Teachings of Kundalini Yoga by combining 

Coaching, Counselling, Numerology and the tools of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.


If you feel that we can support you reach out and make an appointment to discuss your needs.


It is our pleasure to support you.


As well as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Sirgun is also a holistic Counsellor and has special training in womens studies, fertility, pregnancy, post natal, menopause and tantric numerology.


Fertility and conscious conception


Conscious Parenting

Conscious Relationships

Health and well being

Depression and anxiety



Being a Woman today!

Sessions available at Sirgun's home studio in Samford Valley or Via Zoom meeting rooms. 


Sat Ravi works with you on how to recognise and manage stress, so that you can thrive rather than just survive while finding the courage to align your life with your purpose to bring meaning and satisfaction.

Sessions available in Brisbane or Via Zoom meeting rooms. 


Leila offers three separate mentoring programs

1. Spiritual Guidance for the Entrepreneur 

She works with you on

• Your dharma and karma and how it plays out in your destiny in your business

• Aligning the fragments of your life to bring together a clear pathway forward

• Personalised support in business strategy, social media scheduling, financial planning & budgeting, event & workshop project management

• Lifestyle planning in relation to balancing career, family and personal goals

2. Life Path and Name Readings

To uncover the vibrational frequency you are blessed with this lifetime. Using of your name and birthdate and applying numerology and atlantean technology we uncover specific gifts and challenges that live within your vibrational frequency and bring into awareness how these aspects have powerful influence in your life.

3. Career Counselling for Secondary School Students

Leila works with you and your year 9 - 12 student assisting them in identifying their interests, skills and passions to help you both make more informed decisions on subject selection, study after high school and potential career choices.