What the hell is Kundalini Yoga?

So here you are on our page thinking how much you would like to be part of women’s gatherings and rituals and suddenly you spot “Kundalini Yoga"! If you have not heard of it before you might be wondering what it is. There are a number of common misconceptions.

Firstly it is not all about sex...it is a tantric based yoga but this is different to tantra (tantra is about relationships). Its is a tantric yoga because it draws on the male and female energies within each of us and balances them, which in turn balances us.

Secondly you do not have to become a Sikh. Kundalini yoga does have Sikh traditions and Yogi Bhajan who brought kundalini yoga to the west in 1968 was a Sikh. Kundalini yoga is not religious...it is spiritual.

Thirdly everyone is who practises kundalini yoga is a little bit crazy........no comment!

Kundalini yoga is a strong and dynamic practise that can also be soft and subtle. It leaves you feeling like you have had an experience. It incorporates the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga. We work a lot on pranayama (breathing), meditation, chanting, mudras (hand

postures) and spirituality. There is also a strong use of ritual and dance. Classes are taught using kriyas, this is a series of asanas (postures) that have been put together in a specific order so that they work on specific areas within the body or emotional aspects of our lives. Kriyas can be used to target anger, lack of sleep, need for self love, over coming addiction, increasing flexibility of the spine....the lists is endless.

Kundalini yoga will challenge you like no other yoga....but in my experience most people drawn to this yoga fall in love with it immediately, and it is a deep love affair....this was certainly my story.

Yogi Bhajan shared many teaching specifically for women he was a feminist for sure.

It is these teaching that Sat Ravi and I draw on to teach our workshops and retreats and use during our day to day lives. It is these teachings that encourage us as women to be strong, be steady and be graceful. It is theses teachings that give me peace, help me to feel a deep connection to my soul, open up my intuition and bring real harmony to my daily life.

So what the hell is Kundalini Yoga....just so much more....

Love Sirgun xxx