Graceful gentle movement

GUEST BLOG: Review of monthly women's gathering "A Moment of Grace" - September 2016

GRACEFUL: characterised by elegance or beauty of form, manner, movement, or speech; elegant dance.

After driving towards a mist-filled-mountain, just out of Samford, I was greeted by a smiling turban headed woman dressed in white saying ‘we are just starting the Kriyas. You’ve only missed the part where we wrote down what we wanted to let go of’.

‘What’s a Kriya?’ I wondered. Mmm. I’ve known for a few years now that I’ve been working up to this, breathing out immediately: ‘I let go of my fear of connecting with women in groups’. Despite fear, there was something greater supporting me - it had been the lunar eclipse with the energy in Chiron, the healer, just days before and I knew it was time to let go. And so I entered to women in circle: jumping and shaking and moving in a dance on the spot.

I joined in, and after several minutes of intensity, I looked around to see the energy of each woman surrendering control of the body and empowered by the freedom to move spontaneously. All of us, freeing ourselves of something no longer necessary.

We sat in circle and shared our letting go’s….sickness, fatigue, poverty-consciousness, addictions, fear and the like. Our paper-containing-confessions were read, ripped to shreds and offered to a beautiful flower filled bowl of water. Water carries away.

Kriyas, I know now, are a set of intense physical movements – “just 52” – which are done as part of a series. They have a power of their own to awaken the body, allowing the higher self to take over control from the nervous system in order for blocks to be removed and transformation to occur.

At one point in the process I felt like the sutures of my past wounds were being opened and filled with a blast of releasing energy.

Smudged clean, we cooled our sweat with a nourishing share-plate lunch on a deck with a beautiful outlook to the misty mountains before gathering again to write our intention to seed. Kriya rebirthing exercises invoked our positive intentions into being. Energised from the experience, I was left with a sense of vitality and inner power underpinned by a feeling of calm in feeling a sense of place in this group of women all gathering for the same purpose – to release our own and to support each other’s release; to let go and to grow – with the grace of women, free.

Using fire to support bringing our seed into reality, we each offered our written intention to the flames. The sounds of a live guitar and the receiving of a gentle shoulder rub supported our singing of the mantra ‘sa ray sa sa’. It was both powerful and beautiful to see our actions in unison expanding towards the Infinite Self and bringing that back down into the Finite Self.

As always nature offered us her gift of support: the lightest, gentlest sprinkle of rain began to fall in the last minutes of our mantra, dousing the fire and leaving us feeling cleansed, refreshed and somewhat more crystalised than opaque like the mist that previously surrounded us.

Please join us at our next Moment of Grace