Why we need to gather as women

Time seems to be moving fast with rapid shifts and evolutions. Yet something primal remains through the ages, the calling to sit in circle with other women. To listen to our sisters’ joys, challenges, hopes and pains. To hold the space for the sharing of our stories. For healing through support, love and presence. To be heard without judgement already lightens our load. To be witnessed by our community for what we know is the next right move. To be gently reminded by our community of the wisdom that comes from within. This is powerful. This heals hearts, homes and families. This can heal the psyche of a nation.

Yogi Bhajan was a great feminist. He taught about the power of women and described woman as a complete unit created by God. When we recognise ourselves as a complete unit we don’t need to seek approval from the outside. We understand that our partners can’t make us happy, that our money can’t make us happy. We don’t keep choosing unhealthy relationships because we step into our power and say “I love you so I won’t stand for that”.

When we accept that we are women and we walk towards our destiny with all our gifts and talents, we will be noticed as nothing less than inspirational. Then we can really start to make changes in our workplaces, homes, economy, politics and countries.

Our feminism doesn’t need to be angry yet it is strong.

Our feminism doesn’t need to be in your face yet it is ever present.

Being a leader requires you to stretch your nervous system so that you can handle being seen, this is where the practice of Kundalini Yoga is so relevant and practical. It is the direct application of ancient yogic techniques for a modern day world so that we can handle the times and become invincible, radiant, intuitive, courageous and vital women.

Learn not to be afraid of yourself.

Be radical and join us for A Moment of Grace.

With love

Sat Ravi xx

#AMomentofGrace #Women