Freedom in discipline!

In a world of push and pull, here and there, where are you? Do you know what moves you, inspires you, depletes you?

I've been finding it more and more important to have a disciplined practice in order to dance between the push and the pull of the infomanic world. A regular practice builds the experience within myself to go through something challenging, to come up against limitations, to persevere in the difficult bits and emerge on the other side to new possibilities.

Cultivating a discipline seems to go against the grain of freedom yet it is in the showing up everyday that I am freed. It shows me conditioned ways of seeing and behaving, ingrained patterns of reacting that are unchecked and repeated over and over again. It gives me choices and it is in accepting and recognising choice that I find freedom. I choose to respond in this way. I choose to feel this way. I don't give away my power to someone else by saying or thinking "You did this to me and made me feel sad". I decide. I'm going to feel sad in this moment. I could choose any number of responses, either way, the choice is mine. Not only do I liberate myself, I liberate others. I liberate my parents, my partner, my friends, my colleagues, other drivers on the road. How amazingly simple and refreshing is that?!

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Love Sat Ravi xx

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