Soulful Spiritual Space

Sangat is a Sikh term with its origin in the Sanskrit word 'sangh', which means company, fellowship and association. In Sikh vocabulary, the word has a special connotation. It stands for the body of men and women who meet religiously, especially in the presence of the Guru Granth Sahib.

Sangat is a place of sanctuary. It is the place where like minded souls can come together and uplift each other.

I am feeling very passionate about this space right now…I know this is where the magic is…and it comes when we are here fully and when we let go of the old competitive dialogue and start to recognise that the other woman’s success is a success for you….

It is in this space that we as women can really start to open up deeper and release the veils.

We are given permission as we watch others give themselves permission.

We feel more able to step outside our own comfort zone as we realise we are not alone.

As humans we need to be part of a tribe.

When we begin to have our spiritual awakening or we begin a deeper journey of self discovery we find that parts of our old life begin to fall away.

It can be hugely challenging and frightening but once we start to engage with people who are sharing in our beliefs we begin to feel at home again….

Forming Sangat is one of the most important motivations I have for the work of Graceful Women.

I believe that we can only truly know our selves and grow deeper by developing understanding of what it is to be Woman by journeying with other women on that same path.

I am passionate about building a strong community here in Brisbane that can help to support each other as we grow and expand.

Path To Grace, and our monthly gatherings, Womens Camp and all the work of Graceful Women are places where this community is building.

Path to Grace is all about Sangat. We support each other on the journey of growth and discovery and the bond you form with the women you meet will be like no other…..

I encourage you today to sit in reflection and gratitude for your tribe….

Feel the support and strength that you gain from having them there right behind you every step of the way…

Honour the ritual of time with Women.

Love yourself enough that you trust in this space…

Sat Nam Gorgeous Women

Yours in Service