What is Intuition and how is it going to change your life?



• the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.

• a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.

Intuition is creative. It is the voice of love. It is neutral. It is consistent.

Your intuitive voice is the voice that you hear before ego steps in, it is the voice before doubt. It is the overriding urge to say yes that fills you with goosebumps on every surface of your body. It is the knowing to change directions on your way home and take an alternative route, even though you may never know why.

Intuition is within us all. It is very much like Tinker Bell and can only be experienced if you believe in it. Your intuition needs your faith and your courage. And like all muscles it needs a regular work out.

We have all had those moments when we know who is on the end of the phone ( I am now clearly showing my age) before we answer. Or we have been thinking of someone and they call.

Yogi Bhajan says that he does not believe in magic, he relys on it.

Intuition is that magic.

As a woman we are 16 times more intuitive than a man. We have 16 times more connection through the subtle realm. The ability open up to the unknown and connect to our deepest knowing.

It is why as a mother you just know when there is something wrong with your child.

So how would it be if we let our intuition guide us back to our souls path? How would it be if instead of ignoring or numbing the call that rises from within us, we open our heart fully and recognise when the ego has taken over.

How would it be if we said "Yes"

I am going to tell you. It will be amazing. Scary of course but magical beyond belief.

In Kundalini Yoga we are working on tangible ways in which to strengthen this muscle within you. To be more precise the gland. We work at opening the Pituitary Gland and bringing it back into full working order providing a light and a whole new eye ( the third eye or Ajna Chakra) to help you see your direction clearly. This gland is where we find our connection. In a world where we search endlessly to find connection via external means such a social media, we have lost sight (ha ha!) of the ability we have to connect to others through this means. And whilst this may seem all a little Star Wars I believe that if you are reading this you at some level have been guided here and the connection you search for, the longing to belong, you have the solutions within you right now.

During the next Module of Path To Grace we will be harnessing this energy.

We will be exploring the teachings and developing our ability to open to the unknown through intuition and sensitivity. In this way we will be establishing an open, sensitive and unlimited field.

In return you will feel a connection to others on a much deeper level. You will see clearly who the other person is. You will be drawn to like minded souls. You will be magnetic, radiant and light filled. Others will be drawn to this light and you will be able to guide them. You will serve from your heart and know where to place your energies to the best effect. You will know clearly when to say "No" and people will hear you. You will have compassion for others. And you will be following your truth. Your soul will be smiling....

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All love and Sat Nam Sirgun xxx

"When we meditate, there are a lot of promises. It is totally bogus. When we meditate, it is a totally simple thing. Our mental subconscious garbage starts floating through our arcline. Meditation is cleaning your own subconscious so you can feel and think and totally act right." -Yogi Bhajan