40 days of the Meditation for Healing Addiction

Over the past 40 days I have been getting up and hosting a 5am Meditation on Graceful Women Facebook live.

As part of the Radiance Sadhana for Path to Grace we have been practising 11 minutes of the mediation for Healing Addiction.

Yogi Bhajan said

"This meditation is one of a class of meditations that will become well known to the future medical society. Meditation will be used to alleviate all kinds of mental and physical afflictions. But it may be as many as 500 years, however, before the new medical science will understand the effects of this kind of meditation well enough to delineate and measure all its parameters."

But, you may be thinking, I don't have any addictions to deal with."

Yogi Bhajan also said

"In modern culture, this imbalance (in the pineal area) is pandemic. If we are not addicted to smoking, eating, drinking, or drugs, then we are addicted subconsciously to acceptance, advancement, rejection, emotional love, etc. All of these lead us to insecure and neurotic behavior patterns."*

And now it may seem a little bit clearer. We are all dealing with some type of addiction.

Some of us may not be dealing with alcohol or drug addictions but the addiction we have to technology, coffee, sugar....that is very real. On top of this, our addiction to behaviour patterns such as FOMO, our need to take selfies of every moment of the day and our desire to see just how many people 'like' those photos, is creating a whole new level of addictions.

The neurosis of modern day life is real. The endless worry. But more fascinating is the fact that much of this worry is all in our mind. Most of us are not living in daily fear. We know where our next meal will come from and we feel safe in our homes.

Our worries are based around what others think of us.

Our worries are based on a need to belong, to be accepted, to be not only doing a good job but doing such an amazing job we have 1 million 'likes' to prove it.

Nowhere is this clearer to me the in the world of parenting.

I have been in this game now for 16 years. I can honestly say the game has changed quite significantly since the arrival of iPhones. Which really although we cannot remember a time with out them are quite a recent phenomena. But even before this I experienced the pressure of parenting and the stresses that it created on my life. The comparisons that I experienced when attending playgroups and mums n bubs...

Was my baby hitting the right milestones at the right time...?

Why was little johnny already doing algebra and my son can't even place 5 blocks on top of each other? Of course as I continued through my parenting I noticed with each child that I cared less and less what others children were doing and I relaxed knowing my children would reach milestones in their own good time.

Although let me share that I am not advocating having a large family just to come to this conclusion. I have always struggled with these types of neurosis. I have always struggled with belonging, with missing out. I have struggled with being the odd one out...(perhaps my ginger hair had something to do with this...?).

I still struggle.

It has meant that at times I have not voiced the words that I know come from my soul. I have said 'yes' when I have deeply wanted to say 'no'. It has created for me a struggle within and a deeper separation. Why are others so much stronger? Why are they clearer in their intentions? Why is everyone better at this game of life than me?

So moving into this 40 days I knew things would come up.

And they did.

Firstly the meditation involves you sitting with your hands in fist and thumbs placed into your temples (see picture above), which immediately places a stress onto the nervous system. Then you continue in this posture squeezing your molars together and with each squeeze you recite a sound...Sa Ta Na Ma. (This means beginning, life, death, re birth).

Now I have a long standing fear of dentists and all things teeth! It is big and real. Clenching and unclenching your jaw and molars creates the same experience that you would have if your were doing this through fear, worry, stress. Think about it...even check now and see if your jaw is clenched. In kundalini yoga we are literally putting our body though the stress responses in order to tone up the nervous system. It is exactly what we do when we are physically training the body. We are moving in and out of stress in order to strengthen the resilience in the body to stress factors.

The action of doing this with the thumbs pressed into the temple:

"...triggers a rhythmic reflex current into the central brain. This current activates the brain area directly underneath the stem of the pineal gland."

"Imbalance in this pineal area upsets the radiance of the pineal gland itself. It is this pulsating radiance that regulates the pituitary gland. Since the pituitary regulates the rest of the glandular system, the entire body and mind go out of balance. This meditation corrects the problem."*

Last week I heard Guru Singh say in one of his podcasts that Kundalini Yoga works likes homeopathic medicine, it brings everything out.

Oh and it does, it all comes out into the open and you have to face it.

On Friday I went to the dentist for the first time in 4 years. I had toothache. The meditation did not cause this but I knew when I started that I was going to face this fear by the end, and with one day to go I was in the chair.

And I survived.

I did better than that I felt great. I know I will go back (she was an amazing dentist should anyone want a recommendation...).

I chanted silently throughout the whole experience the same Sa Ta Na Ma and I knew that I was strong enough to cope.

As well as this I have become more aware of areas in my life where I was over reacting. I became more aware of outbursts of anger whether internal or external. I have noticed a distinct lack of any desire to reach for chocolate (which may have something to do with the Green Diet as well).

I have also noticed that I have been less critical of my body, (this is such a long standing addiction of mine) and more able to feel acceptance. Some of my previous thoughts are just not there.

I have cleared my home of lots of clutter as well as lost any desire to fill it with any more clutter. I notice from this that shopping has been at times a source of comfort for me.

But what I am feeling most is an urge to make decisions based on my inner guidance and not on my need to have people like me.

My inner voice has become louder and clearer and although I have worked with this voice for years it is a different voice that I hear and she is not a voice of doubt but a voice of clarity.

It has been the perfect stepping stone to propel us into the next module on Path to Grace which is Intuition. This is one of my favourite subjects and along with ritual form a strong part of my daily practise.

Of all the 40 day practises that I have done I honestly believe this has been one of the most challenging, confronting and transformational.

I will continue to do 3 mins as a daily tune up and if needs be revisit it in the future.

If you are feeling a call to try kundalini yoga and truly meet yourself then we have a free class coming up tomorrow night (Monday 12th June) at Soul Space in Newmarket.

We would love to meet you.

We will be holding future meditations on our Graceful Women Facebook page as well as other exciting new opportunities to practise with us coming up soon.

Together we are so much stronger....

All love and Sat Nam

Sirgun xxx

*(Source 3HO Foundation)

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