What is Grace?

The next module on Path to Grace is “Grace”.

As we are ready to launch this module I knew that I needed to sit down and write about my thoughts on Grace.

And in that moment I froze….Call it writers block, call it procrastination, avoidance, laziness…I am happy to use them all. Nothing would come out of me.

Well, that is a lie. What actually came booming out of my head was;

“How can I possibly write about Grace when I feel the furthest from Grace ever…”

Of course I have a picture of what I think it looks like for someone to be in their Grace.

Normally I picture a serene looking woman, simply beautiful, wearing white, flowing clothes and walking in a field or on a beach… Or same woman serving others in a temple or at a shelter…Or same woman sitting in field with her children, everyone smiling and laughing, calmly and peacefully…

Oh yes, I see the picture my ego has painted of Grace and it is a hard act to follow.

In fact every little part of me wants to scream;

“F#ck that!”

And I know that doing that does not fit my box marked ‘Grace’.

So my block, it was around that old friend of mine, ‘not good enough’.

I am not what I would class as a Graceful being…I mean sure I dress in white flowing clothes sometimes and on those days when I have had enough sleep I don't look too scary. But well I have many attributes that are not that Graceful. My language! My ability to lose my shit with my dear children, and husband, and to lose it with myself…

At this point it occurs to me that trying to be a Graceful Woman can start to sound a little bit like too much work. It starts to feel like an unattainable place that is only reserved for Saints and Princesses.

But the truth is that this is again exactly what the ego wants us to believe.

Lets look at the facts.

Joan of Arc…I actually probably do not need to say anything else here, however…

She is a woman fully in her Grace and not an item of flowing white in any picture I have ever seen. I see swords and purpose and the absolute strength to stand in her truth and face her fears.

As far as princesses go if any of you have not watched the film Frozen congratulations! However, here we have Elsa the Princess who banished herself because she could not hold back her ‘truth’ anymore.

Both her and her sister realising that by being who they uniquely already are is the best way to serve their kingdom.

(As an aside can I just highlight here that in neither of these examples are the subjects a) Saved by men or b) Married.)

So where is this all leading? Why exactly would I write such a damning musing on being Graceful?

Well the reason is this…

I do not believe that it is my job or anyone else job to tell you how to be Graceful. I do not think that doing our 6 week course is going to “fix” you in such a way, although I have observed that some of the women do start wearing more white…which is totally optional.

I whole heartedly believe that by virtue of being a Woman you are Graceful. Your Grace is yours. You will have your own unique flavour of Grace and it will not look like anyone elses.

Grace is when we stand in our truth and defend those beliefs with our words and our actions as our swords. Grace is when we stay up all night caring for our children and still have the energy to have a cup of tea with a friend in need that next day. Grace is also saying “No”.

And by saying no we are able to be so much more in our Grace as we are being truthful and not feeling resentful or angry but carrying out our daily tasks with ease in our hearts.

How this looks for you will be different to how this looks for me. Yet both of us can be in our Grace.

Sometimes we are too caught up in trying to be whatever it is that our ego wants us to be that we forget that we already hold these energies within us.

There are days that I don't feel in the slightest bit Graceful. But that does not mean that I am not.

For me the work that we do when we come together as women in community is to remind each other. We support each other and we lift each other up.

Combine that with some bad ass Meditations and Kriyas that help to keep our friend ego in check for long enough that we see some light, and we start to see the shifts.

So in answer to the question what is Grace?

Grace my dear Woman is you…

So much love and Sat Nam

Sirgun xxx