New Moon Intentions

As women we are intrinsically connected to the waxing and waning of our beautiful Moon. She offers us the opportunity to connect at a deeper level with ourselves and with nature.

For centuries this is how we lived. The rituals and habits gave us comfort and support. Along with the seasons and our own unique cycles we lived in harmony.

We encourage a re connection to these cycles as a tool in which to undo some of the modern day pressure and disconnect.

Every month we are given a new opportunity to create clarity and direction in our lives. It comes with the New Moon.

The day before the New Moon we experience the Black of the Moon a day when we can assess the previous month. In the spiritual world the endless talk of "letting go" has left us feeling blasé about these opportunities. We are overwhelmed by the pressure to let go!

In simple terms all that we are doing is releasing the pressure that we have placed on ourselves.

We pressure ourselves so much.... To make failing relationships work, to stay in a job we hate, to be better at EVERYTHING.

When we spend conscious time writing down and evaluating how our month has been regularly we can start to see the patterns that emerge....the ones which bring us joy and perhaps the ones that are not serving us.

It is here that we can learn to let go.

We can set our New Moon intentions either at the exact time of the New Moon or in the next 12 -24hrs after.

I follow a method that I was taught by my teacher Paramatma Siri Sadhana (who provides amazing insights via her Space Weather Sevice).

To practise.

Take a piece of paper or get your self a New Moon Intentions Book!

Create 3 columns.

In the first column write the header;

"It would be a miracle if...."

In the second column write;

"I believe and rely on miracles..."

In the third column write;

"My Action Points."

Continue then to fill the table by completing 11 intentions as follows.

In the first column write what you are calling in.

For example it might be;

"It would be a miracle if I was a published author."

In the second column you would write it as if it had happened.

"I am a published author."

In the third column you would write 3 action points to assist in you realising your intentions.

" 1. I will write a book proposal. 2. I will send copies of my articles to 5 magazines. 3. I will find a course that can teach me how to self publish."

Continue this process for the next 11 points.

The intentions can be as far ranging as your life...from work to family....from relationships to self love...

Sat Ravi and I get together each month and write intentions in this way for Graceful Women and have found it both supportive to our business and a powerful tool of manifestation and abundance.

Remember that the first step is actually to define your true intentions. In order to know these you will need to connect to your desires.

"When your intention is aligned with your Hearts deepest desires all the forces of the Universe re align with you, to delight with you, to create with you, for your pure intention has set you free." - Little Wings Collection

I hope you enjoy this wonderful ritual as much as we do...

All love and Sat Nam

Sirgun x

P.S Another great way to bring about Miracles in your life would be to join us for our

Miracle Mantra Evening on Easter Monday 2nd April 6.30-8.30pm. You can also join this event online.

"I don't believe in Miracles, I rely on them." - Yogi Bhajan