Dissolving Time with the Miracle Mantra

Every now and then we are presented with the opportunity to participate in a unique experience. One such opportunity came to me in the form of a mantra evening. At the time, I knew only a little about mantra. I was studying to become a Kundalini Yoga Teacher so I was using mantra but I didn’t really understand it and wasn’t entirely sure why we used so much of it in the yoga. I enjoyed it but I sometimes found it hard to learn new words and to talk confidently about why we even did mantra in the first place.

I was in my early twenties at the time and I was always keen to try something new. I had moved to Melbourne from a small country town to be exposed to these different things that weren’t previously available to me. I had a deep trust in the yogic community and in my teacher Billie. When she mentioned that she was hosting Miracle Mantra at her studio Kundalini House, I was very curious. She talked about it but it still seemed rather mysterious and I wasn’t really sure that two hours of mantra could be as great as she was making out. I checked in with another student Teacher and we decided to go together for moral support and "check it out".

The lights were softly lit in the studio which was warm and cozy. The yogis were arriving with their sheepskins and head covers and settling into their space for the evening. I too took my place and felt a mixture of peace and excitement. The space was creating this sense of calm within me and the unknown from a place of safety was creating a sense of excitement.

Miracle Mantra is a fast paced mantra. It has a very structured pattern and timing. There is no time for you to think about anything else. I listened to Billie explain the mantra. The mantra is five repetitions on one breath of "Guru Guru Wahe Guru Guru Ram Das Guru". The meaning and purpose of Miracle Mantra is for transformation. It is designed to help us realise the gifts all around us. This mantra opens up your perception. You are able to recognise all the gifts that are constantly flowing to you

Miracle Mantra is an Ashtang Mantra, meaning that it has 8 parts. The first part, Guru Guru Wahe Guru, projects your own infinite power out to the universe and second part brings the Infinite energy and wisdom inside. “Guru" is wisdom; that which transforms any kind of ignorance or block into light. "Gu" is darkness, and "Ru" means light. You start with a very personal wisdom as you chant "Guru". When you Repeat " Guru", you expand that into experience. Then you say "Wahe Guru" to go beyond conscious knowledge and into the realm of the infinite. Again you chant, "Guru" and begin bringing this same wisdom back into the world as "Ram Das" the manifesting power of the Universe coming into your life in service. The cycle is complete when you say “Guru" a final time. You are back where you started, but with the eyes of infinity and the heart of Guru Ram Das. This chant is also designed to heal and activate the chakras. Each part of this mantra resonates with our 7 chakras.

GURU — First chakra, base of spine

GURU — Second chakra, sex organ, abdomen

WAHE — Third chakra, navel

GURU — Fourth chakra, heart

GURU — Fifth chakra, throat

RAM DAS — Sixth chakra, third eye

GURU — Seventh Chakra, Top of Head

As we began the mantra I was confronted by the fast pace as it challenged my initial feelings of peace. I focused on the feelings in my mouth and trying to pronounce the words correctly. I also focused on the rhythm and the changing sensations of my breath. The mantra gave my mind something to focus on. Quickly all thoughts of myself, the outside world or anything else fell away. I soon dropped deeply into the most amazing trance like experience. There was just my consciousness and this sound current. Time dissolved as the power of the mantra took hold. I felt as if I could have continued this state of being forever. Just sitting here chanting and synchronising with the sound current.

This was a Saturday night in North Fitzroy. As I left the studio and walked down Brunswick St, a party street, I imagined I was feeling higher than anyone else out on the town that night. The mantra continued to play in my mind and body. Guru Guru Wahe Guru Guru Ram Das Guru. I don’t remember falling asleep but I do remember my Sunday feeling so clear and tensionless. It was as if a pressure valve had been realised. I had a lasting feeling of peaceful vitality which I love so much about Kundalini Yoga. I felt truly abundant and grateful for my life in that moment. This is truly a gift.

Miracle Mantra is being offered during this holiday time because Easter is also a celebration of transformation. Christ was taken to the depths of darkness and died. Through his resurrection, he opened people’s heart to love and they experienced the light. When we say miracles we are not talking about things beyond our imagination but things that block our imagination. Just like when a seed grows in the ground it is given all the nutrients it needs to survive and grow. Similarly your soul is given all the connections and challenges needed to be fulfilled. This mantra opens up your perception. You are able to recognise all the gifts that are constantly flowing to you.

Please join us for a very special Easter Monday evening.

April 2nd | 6.30-8.30pm | Soul Space, Newmarket

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