I am Courageous, and my World is Ruled By Love.

We all know that it takes courage to love.

You may have learnt this from an early age. Chances are that at some point when you were small your Mother scolded you for something, something you would not have even known you had done.

In that moment you would have felt that first pain of rejection. A first pang in your heart.

You may have gone on to experience your first love. Do you remember that courage it took to let someone know how you felt? The courage it took to actually let yourself be seen.

The joy you felt if the feeling was mutual.

Do you remember your first heart break?

I can still feel the deep pit, hollow pain of loss I felt, if I go back to some of those times in my life. There were a few.

I can remember the way time seemed to stand still as I stood in a shower and tried to feel the water on my body but the pain had numbed the sensations.

The wondering if I would ever get over him.

It took me around 36 years to realise that the love I was seeking externally had always been there inside of me.

It was a harsh realisation.

I learnt that I had been externally searching through lovers, friends, my children, for a love they could never possibly give me.

I realised I was desperately clinging to them to fulfil me, to restore me, to complete me.

During my Conscious Pregnancy Teacher Training I learnt about the importance of the navel centre, the third chakra. The gap I have in my stomach muscles (diastitis recti) caused by my four pregnancies was one of the reasons I was struggling so much both physically and energetically.

Yogi Bhajan says "If you do not know how to balance the third chakra, you may have all the degrees, all the knowledge, all the money, all the beauty, but you shall be unhappy."

When the navel chakra is balanced our lives our balanced.

When it is not balanced our lives are out of balance too.

It is from the navel that all the chakras and meridian points within the body are put back on line.

We are fired up!

Once we have strengthened and balanced the navel chakra we can know the infinite experience of life.

From here we can begin to understand and open to, the true meaning of love.

We can begin to explore the vastness that can be felt from living a truly heart led life.

Many of us will have experienced many teachings on the navel and heart chakra. We will have practised forgiveness, compassion, we will have felt moments of heart opening. And yet still we find that we do not fully understand,

We have not fully embodied. We may be exhausted from trying.

During the Courageous Love realm of Path To Grace we will explore these teachings in a new way.

You will work powerfully and energetically on creating lasting balance and strength in your navel point.

You will learn how to begin each day aligned and centred.

You will learn how your menstrual cycle and Moon Centres effect these chakras and how you can work with your own unique cycle and use this cycle to live your optimum life.

We will work together as a community so that we can learn how to create strong relationships based on mutual respect, compassion, based on love and not fear.

There has never been a more important time to work on ourselves. To clear the stories, to release the fears, to clear the path for a new paradigm.

The work we do on ourselves has a lasting impact on all areas of our lives. On all the relationships within our lives.

The work we do collectively as women will and is impacting global change.

Join us.

Women unfold the future.

All love and Sat Nam.

Join us here for Courageous Love