Women supporting women

Something very special is happening in the world right now. It is powerful and transformational. Women are waking up, stepping into their power and healing their wounds. Inclusive and together. Supporting each other. Boozy catch ups and gossip sessions are gradually being replaced by yoga classes and circles. Women are seeking each other out for inspiration and encouragement.

Last weekend we attended Women’s Camp in Adelaide. We were invited to teach a workshop on the 11 Moon Centres of a Woman. The workshop was a huge success because it was everything that it is to be a woman. It was meaningful but lighthearted, joyful yet ceremonious, intellectual yet heartfelt. It was flowing, understanding, creative and compassionate. It embraced all it is to be a woman in the 21st Century and allowed all of that to be. The women felt connected to themselves and each other. Simply being in this intentioned space and sharing our lives, even just for a weekend, was deeply healing. Women’s Camp celebrated the feminine as a rhythm to be proud of. As a rhythm of strength. For too long women have been trying to prove themselves and be successful in the world by acting like men. Women’s awakening is not having to prove ourselves, it is knowing that we are already enough. Women’s awakening is success through embracing being a woman.

Yogi Bhajan was a great advocate for women as leaders. He believed women can heal the generations before and after them by living a life of grace. This is the time for grace. Amongst all the busyness and drudgery of the routine and household concerns, this is where our enlightenment is waiting for us. In this relationship, in this job, in this place, with these people around you.

At Path to Grace we are creating this deeply healing space on a weekly basis. It is a safe and sacred space for women to come together. A nurturing place to connect. A supportive environment for growth and learning. It is honouring the feminine in each other and in all. The women who attend speak so highly of this blessed opportunity to meet other women and journey together to uplift each other. There is a knowing that we are all uplifted together.

This is not only happening at Path to Grace. There are so many women’s circles and movements popping up everywhere. There is a global shift in consciousness. In our experience, women are craving this. This is a much needed and long overdue healing.

“Being a woman is the last highest incarnation.”

Yogi Bhajan

Our community of amazing women is growing and expanding. Courageous Love begins April 23rd in Newmarket and we now have courses online and many ways to connect online if you don’t live in Brisbane. Please reach out and connect. We are here for you. So much love.

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