The Importance of Rest

In the hustle and bustle of the 21st Century, rest and relaxation feels like a luxury. It seems like an art, to craft your day to allow space for some down time. Often we are constantly bombarded by stimuli… traffic, phone calls, people, social media, news, light and sound. Urban environments especially are highly stimulating for the nervous system and demand a need to be “on guard” all the time. Rest and relaxation equals danger! As a consequence, we are overstimulated and exhausted. With the rise of mental illness, adrenal fatigue and autoimmune conditions, we are realising more and more, that rest is a necessity. An essential and non negotiable part of our health and wellness.

Yogi Bhajan said that in the future stress would become the disease of the modern time, which shall “eat every person”. He identified stress as becoming a disease more fatal than cancer and heart failure. He defines stress as “when an outside pressure is not matched and overcome by your inside intelligence.” This is confronting and simultaneously very empowering. It credits our inner innate wisdom as the key to managing stress. We have this amazing body and mind that is constantly managing stress. It is when the outside inputs become greater than our ability to cope and metabolise that we have the feelings of overwhelm and depletion as physical symptoms of stress.

It seems almost certain that in the short term that the outside pressures are not going away. Unless of course you drop everything and move to the Bahamas. Which is always an option! Failing that, you may consider how your lifestyle is creating outside pressure. Are you juggling too many things? Is there something you can let go of? Are you in the rat-race of bigger and better? Could you pause and appreciate all that you currently have? Are you working in a way that energises you? Or is work a constant drain? Do you have people around you that uplift you? Or are there too many energy vampires in your close circle?

The other option we have is to increase our capacity to manage stress. This is where kundalini yoga comes in. The process of going through the kriyas and meditations allows us to practice being in stress and moving through stress. We build the capacity to observe and witness. We build the capacity to be, even when there is something challenging us. Then we rest. We allow the body to adjust and integrate the experience, the changes and the learnings. Each time we practice, we build the strength of our nervous system. A strong nervous system allows us to go through life with grit and grace.

One of our inspirations for offering Rest & Restore was to highlight the importance of rest. To provide an antidote to stress. An antidote to worn out. These beautiful classes are not physically challenging. Rather we create a soothing space that invites an effortless ease. So that we can practice being in flow, being in balance. So we feel whole and refreshed, grounded and at peace. This is a kind of Friday night that will set you up for the weekend. Allow you to be present with the people you love and the projects you’d like to do. We send so much love to all of you who are feeling depleted. There is light, there is hope. You are worth it.

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