The Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer Friday 13th, 2018

Eclipse season is here and this beauty is the first of 3 for the season. It is a fascinating chart full of information, and I look forward to sharing astrology with you on Path to Grace, so you too, can understand more of what you’re looking at when you look at a chart.

From an evolutionary astrology perspective (from the perspective of the evolution of the soul) this eclipse is happening right on our evolutionary point as a collective in the sign of Cancer, the crab. Mother moon, divine femme, ruled by the moon. There will be a lot coming up around how to nurture ourselves, our families and our world that is needing us to evolve into this softness, empathy and feeling more and more.

You may have heard we are in the times of the

return of the sacred feminine.

You may feel this, but what does it mean?

How do you embody Her?

In the times we are in, there is great danger of being so disconnected from this heart space as we are so immersed in the fastness and impossible patriarchal structure of these times. You may have heard we are in the times of the return of the sacred feminine, you may feel this, but what does it mean? How do embody Her? I find it very interesting that this eclipse is happening on Friday 13th which we’ve all been told is a “scary day”, it is in fact, the day of the goddess.. Friday (Freya - Norse Goddess) is the day of Venus the planet of love and the number 13 is a sacred number signifying birth, benevolence and luck.

So it is in these little programs that we must decode and find the divinity and truth within by feeling what's true for us, and not just what we were told. It is time to release our shame of what it means to be a woman, a nurturer, a divine goddess, a mother, a lover, a feeler, that which we have, in fact, been shamed for being, for thousands of years. This archetype exists in men also, it is not just about women.

I see this eclipse as a time to reclaim this power that is so deep within our souls and to really sit and tune in with what that means for us regarding how we mother, were mothered and mother others (not just children, but friends, family and the world).

Are we a martyr and give with out filling our own cup

and then become resentful?

Maybe the other end of the scale

where we were neglected and abandoned

when we needed care the most.

... these are the ponderings of this particular eclipse and it will be up to our own individual evolution as to how we answer these questions and what healing or insight may come.

There is a dynamic playing out on this new moon eclipse. Being a “good girl” or playing safe, versus being who we really are and digging deep to find that wild woman who will be seen whether we like it or not, because she is part of the truth that has been lost and it's time for us to reclaim ALL of who we are. It is time to restructure our limitations and rise beyond them - becoming radically more of who we are and unafraid! There is an opportunity now to lift the lid of what keeps us safe and move more towards what makes us feel ALIVE, evolving and agents of change.

The aspect that's being made between Uranus (the ruler of kundalini energy) and Mars (the planet of action and assertion) speaks of this. Mars is retrograde and is the closest he’s been to earth since 2003, so were are being asked to reflect and review past actions and come up with more nurturing ways of inhabiting and being on this beautiful planet. So go gently, be mindful of the strong energies around, take action by choosing love and do your Sadhana! You will find all of the answers in Sadhana.

Kundalini Yoga is such a wonderful way to work with the energies of astrology, enabling us to harness the frequencies, becoming part of the solution, by knowing what's going on with the planets and how to flow and stabilise with them. This is how we be the change, it is an inside job, and then flows out by holding the frequency that you have cultivated.

I'm looking forward to sharing so much more with you during this realm of Intuitive Power and reclaiming HER.

Sat Nam beauties.

Love Simi

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