What is the Lionsgate Portal?

What is the Lionsgate? It is a portal that opens on 8.8 (August 8th) when our Sun and the Earth aligns with the Sirian star system and the Central Sun, which delivers light codes and frequencies that are designed to raise our consciousness propel you into the Aquarian Age. The age of Heart, Wisdom and Collective Consciousness. Ancient civilisations on Earth knew of these galactic alignments and founded their civilisations on the connection with our local star systems and the teachings other conscious races across the galactic have for earthlings.

It’s hard to know for sure, what the ‘truth’ is. But one thing is certain and that is a mass awakening is occurring at this time. You can feel it. Your insides are waking up. Your heart is jumping for joy at the cosmic-ness of the conversations going on around you. You get goosebumps and shivers down your spine and throughout your body when someone says something far out to you or in your presence. Something much bigger than ‘you and I’ is occurring in our reality and your body is an antenna for picking up on the signals. So what if it can’t be proven in an encyclopaedia or a text book. Your physical being is tuned in, tapped in and turned on! This is what kundalini yoga is for. Tune your body into the finest and most subtle frequencies and you will be communing with the gods and living amongst miracles. Happy Lionsgate loves Leila Tera Manpreet xx

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