The Glory of the Lion - Your Weekly Affirmations by Simi

Phew! Eclipse season... tick! What a reflective one it has been too. So much power and love with it though. And also a lot of reflecting with all those planets retrograde, making us reconsider, remember and reevaluate. Where do we give our power away when we should rest within?

All comes from here, shining from our hearts - the home of the lioness. Such beautiful and challenging times were in.

Very hard to deny your truth now, what lights you up, what brings you down, it is all so very illuminated right now.

Nonetheless, the universe has our back and everything is in its right place.

Here are your eclipse affirmations.

Love Simi xx

Aries/Aries rising

”I am a creator of powerful joy

It comes from way down deep

Its mine when I stop playing small

And from out of my soul it seeps”

Taurus/Taurus rising

“Sensuality is the nature of me

The pleasure and beauty of life

Any pain my ancestors held

Is Gone from me , and I free myself from all strife”

Gemini/Gemini rising

“Out of the depths and into the light

The spark of creation flies

I free it up and bounce it off others,

Together we watch it ignite”

Cancer/Cancer rising

“The gifts of my heart

Are made known to me

My softness, my shadow and light

When I own all I am,

In relationship

Is when that ship can take flight”

Leo/ Leo rising

“New beginnings and I know my power

On the wings of this I am free,

I combine this with love and wisdom, And speak,

all the things that are important to me”

Virgo/Virgo rising

“Reflecting on what I share with the earth

Is what I have been going through,

It’s time to stabilise my worth,

And follow insights that are new”

Libra/Libra rising

“I have new gifts to share

From these downloads of the moon,

They come through when I allow them the space,

To listen, vibrate and attune”

Scorpio/Scorpio rising

“Letting go of my past wounds and fears

Is a work always in progress

The more I do it

The easier it becomes

And then will come sure success”

Sagittarius/Sagittarius rising

“In refection of all that has been ,

and all that has gone before,

I realise I am never alone

As The Divine is in my core”

Capricorn/Capricorn rising

“The power within me snuggles in my love

And together they right the wrongs

Wisdom and foresight are my allies right now

And I anchor these gifts from above”

Aquarius/Aquarius rising

“Relating with others can be tricky for me

As I do like to be so detached

But when I do I am set free

And through them I can see where I’m at”

Pisces/Pisces rising

“Daily rituals of self love and care

Will help me when all else fails

Im backing myself

With spirit because,

I know truth prevails”

"How is everyone feeling? I just love Leo season. And after this eclipse triptology

I feel like my world has just come out of a universal sized washing machine, with a golden fabric softener for the final cycle and now I am hanging out to dry in the glorious sun!

Anyone else feel similar?"

~ Tera Manpreet, Path to Grace 2018

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