August 20 | Your Weekly Affirmations by Simi

As the moon builds up towards her fullness in Pisces, we find ourself at the gibbous moon in Sagittarius, still building and collecting what we need for our creations. We are creating still in this Sun in Leo phase for another few days, before The sun moves into Virgo, and we move into refining our creations. Mars is still retrograde for another few days, but pretty soon one by one all those retrograde planets will start going direct and come mid September they will be going direct again and we will feel all the reflective energy we’ve been playing in will start to dance out into the world and we will feel some forward motion.  

I'm so looking forward to sharing some workshop magic with you at The Kundalini of Astrology. Playing with our charts, learning our elemental medicine and dancing our dragon codes! There are a handful of places available if you would like to join us. Bookings here.

Here are your affirmations for this week.

Love Simi xx

Aries/Aries rising

“Building up my will

And power from within

Lets me magnetise

My beloved kin”

Taurus/Taurus rising

“Moving into the world

With play and curiosity

Brings gifts of fulfilment

And I feel so free”

Gemini/Gemini rising

“When I look within

I see my inner gifts

I bring my gaze back

Whenever this shifts”

Cancer/Cancer rising

“Aware of when I project onto others

Brings me back to myself and my thoughts

Doing the inner work

Is the practice of spiritual sport”

Leo/ Leo rising

“The moon builds

As I fill up from within

Anchoring my creations

Blends the yang and my yin”

Virgo/Virgo rising

“This heroes journey I’m on

Can sometimes feel discrete

This work I do upon myself though

It's really no mean feat”

Libra/Libra rising

“Sharing with others

Is the medicine that fills

It's like nectar from the goddess

And into my heart it spills”

Scorpio/Scorpio rising

“Larger than life

Is how I’m feeling

This cosmic alignment

Has got me reeling!”

Sagittarius/Sagittarius rising

“Feeling like I can tackle it all

This new moon to the full

I magnetise towards myself

And come all the dreams I pull”

Capricorn/Capricorn rising

“Intensity, power and drive

Are embedded deep within me so,

I balance these with other parts

Like my precious home and family”

Aquarius/Aquarius rising

“Building community and friendship

is something I value

It fills me with chi

As I know I'm another you”

Pisces/Pisces rising

“People are drawn to me

For my kind spirit and heart

I practice love and kindness

For of the same one we are part”

Simi will be visiting Brisbane on Friday October 31 for a very special workshop

The Kundalini of Astrology at Soul Space in Newmarket.

This three hour workshop is  perfect for astrology beginners through to experts as we traverse

the sun, ascendent and moon signs through the lens of Kundalini Yoga.

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