September 10 | Your Weekly Affirmations by Simi

Greetings beautiful women.

I had such a wonderful time with you all up in Brisbane, such a treat to share this work and to be so graciously received was incredible for me. I know there was a lot of information, but I hope it whetted your appetite to learn more about astrology, its such a wonderful tool for self knowledge, and like I said, if even just to know your element count, so you know how you can bring more balance into your life. Ive had lots of bookings and look forward to connecting with you more to share more about your unique blueprint.

We have a new moon in Virgo the earth healer this Monday, so the affirmations are all around what are these new seeds that you can sow this next lunar cycle, to become manifest at the full moon. The affirmations are crafted specifically for you, I hope you enjoy them.

Love Simi xx

Aries/Aries rising

“The spark of the new earth ignites through me

As I take charge of my brilliant creativity”

Taurus/Taurus rising

“My home and hearth is where it all starts

All I envision for the new earth - through the lens of my heart”

Gemini/Gemini rising

“People who have graced my path, new and old

Have imparted wisdom to me that I now hold”

Cancer/Cancer rising

“The oracle I seek is in fact, me

When I look within , the answers I’ll see”

Leo/ Leo rising

“I embody love and wisdom divine

My creation is revealed and then can be refined”

Virgo/Virgo rising

“Healer of earth, is my mission this life

Its in wise action that I take, which will divert strife”

Libra/Libra rising

“A retreat is where my soul is calling me

To recharge, renew and connect with infinity”

Scorpio/Scorpio rising

“I know myself when my gifts are shared

I must not hide them away or ever be scared”

Sagittarius/Sagittarius rising

“The time is now for me to up level

Being seen in the world, whether neat, spunky or dishevelled “

Capricorn/Capricorn rising

“Travelling afar and exploration is on my mind,

Ill get there in the end and in the meanwhile I’ll be kind”

Aquarius/Aquarius rising

“When I truly look deep , deep down within

I feel my authentic truth and from here attract my kin”

Pisces/Pisces rising

“Through others I see my own reflection

What I am, what I’m not

It's all perfection”

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