I am Spirit and my Radiance is Boundless

The final Realm of our year long journey through the 8 human talents brings us to the the home of our pure consciousness.

The Crown Chakra.

The place from which we merge with the infinite. We enter a state of bliss and we experience the fullness of our electromagnetic field. Once activated we feel protected, guided we become radiant and boundless.

Imagine connecting to this energy everyday. Imagine cultivating a practise that allows you to open to this experience releasing you from the shackles of overwhelm, confusion, distrust and despair.

As householders it is important for us to remain grounded. We cannot be floating off into the ethers whilst driving our cars, parenting, or making split second decisions in important business meetings. We need to employ all the chakras in order to live a life that is both grounded and expansive.

(Photo by Spencer Tunick)

This is where practice of kundalini yoga comes in. Each amazing kriya is designed to systematically work through your chakras and bring you back to a state of balance. The reason we as teachers use the kriyas as they are given is because this is a technology that can only work if it is done correctly and in its entirety.

The mediations are the icing on the cake.

Which brings me to the icing of our energetic being... The Aura.

The Aura and our circumvent force is where we harness our full potential. Your aura holds within it both the patterns of this life time and that of generational patterning. It is from here that the journey of interactions and experiences we have incarnated to experience are stored. These patterns can be both released and evolved through specific kriyas and meditations.

Yogi Bhajan said that your vibration feeds your circumvent force. If your vibration is low then your circumvent force is weak. The circumvent forces works like a protective shield. If we are trapped in negative patterns we become ill, lost, unable to protect ourselves from psychic vampires.

As we travel through this next Realm we will explore topics that support you in clearing, cleansing and strengthening your connection to the divine, the universe and the infinite.

We will use tools that provide you with an opportunity to experience a boundlessness that may have previously felt unattainable in a human form.

We will explore the concept of sensing and stretching our auric field as well as learning how we might be able to read the aura of another.

We will master the practise the Celestial Communication. A practise Yogi Bhajan said is the “greatest wonder food for the body healing, bringing mental intelligence and creativity, and uplifting the soul and the inflow of the spirit.” Yogi Bhajan gave this practise specifically to support women.

Beyond all of this we will come together to support and uplift each other.

As we enter the last few months of 2018 we remember that the purpose of this 11 year is, Mastery.

In tantric numerology, 11 is the number of infinity. "It asks do I allow infinity to flow through me?"

Join us on this magical journey and truly understand what it is to experience heaven on earth.

All love and Sat Nam



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