Knowing your shadow

by Sirgun  

I wanted to share this piece of astrology for us all to reflect on. It refers to the Saturn-Pluto retrograde in Capricorn which we are in until Oct-Nov of this year.

Astrological report here by Sarah Varcas

If you have been feeling some the strong pull of your shadow (perhaps a loud screaming but sometimes a quiet mumbling) then this may help. It is easy to ignore the signals... we turn our back on the signs... we feel exhausted, get ill, feel lost and yet this seems easier than looking deeper at why this is happening. This retrograde is inviting you to stop ignoring and start awakening. In kundalini yoga we work closely with our shadow... we feel her in the kriyas and meditations we notice her because we are practising awareness. But we need to know what to do with her!

In class this week I shared that Uranus has now started a transit in Taurus for the next Seven years and that this is literally going to be a shake up/breakdown of all we have ever relied on, believed in. Think financial institutions, government, climate. I felt it may come in the form of a major earth quake or natural disaster. Perhaps a completely man made one... War. 

This really goes hand in hand with this retrograde. It’s time to know yourself. To actually get intimate with your shadow side so that you know finally who you are. What if in standing in your vulnerability fully enabled you to actually be and feel happier than you can possibly imagine? How would it be to stop pretending? Really stop constantly doing what you think you should do out of fear of what others might think? 

All these aspects and in truth all of this lifetime we are literally invited to face our ultimate fears, face them and find freedom, peace, happiness and ultimately shunia. If we could all share our truth, even the part we deem ugly we would breakdown the separation we feel between each other and realise we truly are one. We literally are as crazy as each other. Can you feel the compassion that arises from even just reading that? 

As it says in this insight obviously we can’t all go out and act out all our shadow impulses and we may need to seek support as we turn to face ourselves more we also know that what we resist persists, and in opening our arms to the screaming and yelling tantrums of our inner child we can give her what she needs, recognition, acknowledgment, love and a big hug.

How does that feel in your body? 

My final 10 pence worth is that I am not advocating running out and finding yourself a bunker for the next 7 years so you can hide away from potential disasters! No I am inviting you to face those fears. Face your ultimate fear. It may be it is death. Death of yourself, death of our loved ones. Face this fear fully. For we know it will come. In embracing it we accept that nothing we rely on is permanent. Everything we use to build up this big wall we like to hide behind can be gone in the blink of an eye. Leaving only ourselves.

Use the tools of kundalini yoga. Reach out if you need support. Find tools that can support you in finding all of yourself. Do all of this with God. With the Divine. Let her guide you, support you. When it feels dark call her and offer her all of your fears let her take the burden so that you can get back to actually enjoying this lifetime. Enjoying this lifetime as you! 

There is wisdom that can support you in this astrological report (it is a long read so get a cuppa). 

Astrological report here by Sarah Varcas