Full Moon Ritual

Happy Full Moon 🌕 How are you feeling?

This particular full moon is in Sagittarius and it is conjunction our galactic centre which means today is a powerful day to hold ceremony, rituals, release and forgive. Take time to be aware of what you seeded back at the new moon in Dec 2018 this will now be coming into fruition. This full moon awakens our intuition our expanded state. It is a moon that invites us to defy logic. We may feel a yearning towards deeper seeker. Sagittarius holds the energy of abundance and freedom.

With the opposite sun in Gemini you may feel called to intellectualise how you might bring more of this into your life.

Sagittarius Full Moon Ritual On this full moon find a way to ease your body and mind.

☿ Pour a bath and add magnesium and Himalayan salts.

☿ Light candles all around to evoke the energy of this fire sign.

☿ Anoint yourself and the bath with oils of Jasmine, cinnamon, the smells of far off lands.

☿ Place a piece of amethyst in the bath and allow it to connect you to spirit and magick. This stone will also soothe and relax.

☿ Sprinkle purple or fire colour petals into the water and breath in their fragrance and colour.

☿ Sink deep into the waters and connect to that which is beyond the normal realms. Seek answers from within and find explore the ancients worlds from the depths of your imagination.

☿ Evoke the energy of abundance and freedom.

☿ As you finish your bath bring to mind all you are ready to release and taking out the plug allow the water to draw these energies from you.

☿ Close your space by taking some of the water and flowers and offering it back to the earth with gratitude.

You might also like to seal your ritual with the divine Meditation for Telepathic Communication

Blessings dear woman on this magickal day.

Peace, love and Sat Nam 🙏💙🌕

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