How to thrive during Mercury Retrograde

Three times a year the orbiting path of Mercury in relationship to Earth causes a pattern that is described as “retrograde”. Each of these periods last for about 3 weeks. Whilst this occurs the earths magnetic field behaves differently. During these periods of retrograde there can be subtle shifts in the way our communication and connection with others is received. Things may not be interpreted as you intended or indeed may go missing all together.

We know as women how effected we are by the moon. Well during a period such as this our magnetic field is also altered by the shift in the earths magnetic field. So as we come into contact with another person even before we try to communicate the energy between us can be slightly out. But remember awareness is the key. If you know this is happening you are less likely to react. You can offer each situation to the divine and feel trust not fear. Yogi Bhajan said; “If we didn’t have these three periods a year the human would go crazy from the upward spiraling energy of communication and connection. A time of rest is absolutely essential.”

During this Mercury Retrograde you may not have as much energy as usual and you may be guided to complete projects that involve inward reflection. It is a wonderful time to journal, to paint, to explore your creative side. Be guided by your higher self. If you feel a sudden sense that you should not go to an event, or a meeting, excuse yourself gracefully. Trust that the Divine has your back.

Use this period to connect at a deeper level with your higher self and when in communication with others imagine you are communing with theirs.

  1. Replace fear with trust.

  2. Meditate on sensing the shift in yours and the earths magnetic field.

  3. Recognise that the other is you.

  4. And remember that laughter is the best medicine.

This is the perfect time to join us in practising the celestial communication with the Mul Mantra which you can find on our YouTube channel. All love and Sat Nam - Sirgun 🙏💓

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