Learn to use your Menstrual Superpowers

How would it be if I told you that you have the most amazing superpowers at your disposal through every stage of your monthly feminine cycle? How would it be if you were to finally embrace that far from being the “curse” your monthly bleed is in fact the point where you can connect to your most magical, high priestess, Witch self?

For many of us our menstrual cycle is something we are yet to fully embody. Most of us don’t have our cycle mapped out and could not say which day of our cycle we are on. As women we can be be very flowing. Some of us, I am fully in this bracket, don’t like planning. So the thought of “mapping” our cycle feels somewhat restrained and laborious. However I have discovered something you planners out there have known all along… it provides freedom! Also in this case it opens the door to real insider knowledge that can potentially bring an enormous amount of magic into your life.

You are nature. Nature is you. You are an embodied representation of the cycle of life. Can you stop long enough to breath that in?

So enough of the hype lets get to the juicy stuff. How can you tap into your super powers?

Point to note here… If you are not still bleeding this does not make you a less powerful goddess.  On the contrary you are an evolved, ascended priestess who now cycles with the Lunar energy herself. Whatever stage the moon is in represents where you are in your cycle.

Also note that if you do not have a regular cycle you too can begin to connect with this lunar energy to help re balance you and your menstrual cycle, this is a great tool if you are trying to reinstate your monthly bleed. If your cycle is longer or shorter please adjust the length of the phases to suit your cycle. We are women... we do not conform to numbers and timings!


Day 1-6 of your menstrual cycle Moon Phase - New Energy - Winter / Crone

This is the time for inner connection. Slow down. Stop. You will be experiencing a state of expanded awareness. You have the capacity to go very deep in your dreams, meditations and prayers. During this time I always feel I have the capacity to move aspects of the universe like pieces of a jigsaw during my meditations. This is the time to restore, a time of purification. It is a time when we need to self sooth, to nourish. Practising this will lead to deep healing. The more we care for ourselves during these winter days the more energy we will have for the rest of our cycle. this phase will literally be a mirror for how the rest of your month will be. If you “push through” here you will be exhausted by your peak ovulation point of your cycle…you have been warned! This is the phase of acceptance, forgiveness and a time to be present. We can be deeply understanding during this phase and just allow it all to be as it is. We can forgive ourselves and others through our ability to see the bigger picture much clearer. At this time you may feel drawn to rituals, candles, your inner witch will be at play. Embrace her and experience deep profound insights.


Day 7-13 of your menstrual cycle Moon Phase - Waxing Energy - Spring / Maiden

Your mojo returns... spring has arrived. You find a new sense of enthusiasm and positivity. You have the stamina to start and maintain projects. You may feel an urge to start something new... or start 10 new things! You may feel the urge to change your job, partner, move home. You are willing to take risks and have an insatiable curiosity, which combined with your playful, youthful vibe makes you very attractive. You will have a real lust for life, sex and dancing..lots of dancing! This is the time that your imagination is firing... dream big… prepare the soil... anything is possible and you have the power to get things going.


Day 13-21  Moon Phase - Full Energy - Summer / Mother

You have arrived. It is your moment. You are absolutely mesmerising and captivating. People will find you very magnetising. This is the time to go for the job interview, apply for the book deal, make your proposal. It will be virtually impossible for anyone to deny you what is so rightfully yours. This is the point at which you can take charge in all areas of your life. A time to fully awaken to your own mastery. You are able to cope with attention better than at any other time of the month and will seek it out, consciously or unconsciously! Your focus is outward. You will be looking for all that catches your eye. This is a time of prosperity consciousness, you are in your fullness, your are ripe. Life will flow through you and with you. You ahem the power to create anything... you have the power to create life itself. This is the true point in our cycle where we truly can have it all, it is the point where we can have the realisation that we truly are all.


Day 23 - 28 Moon Phase - Waning Energy - Autumn/Maga

We sense a change in the air. We feel a shift from within. Certain projects, relationships, choices we made earlier in the month seem less aligned to our bigger picture. Our now heightened psychic and intuitive gifts are guiding us to see where we are not aligned with our higher purpose. This is a time of truth. A time to embody our “Sat Nam”. Sometimes we can deliver these realisations a little harshly especially if we have not honoured ourselves during our last dark moon phase. You will become super organised literally editing out the BS that is taking up your valuable energy. This is the time to clear out the internal and external closets. You will have the power of completion. Endings will become liberating. In some circumstances you may feel the urge to walk away from previously perceived golden lined opportunities. You may work late into the nights during this phase knowing that an opportunity for deep rest is about to unfold. Embrace the cycle.

“In her Moontime, of ebb and flow and flood Coursing through The Heavens Illuminating the dark hidden secrets of Feminine Wisdom Releasing these on a flood-tide of remembrance Of our connection with The Earth, our Mother And The Universe. The Sire, not only of Creation, In Union with The Feminine, The Awesome Everything.” Bethlehem Taylor.

Dearest Woman, I do hope these words have given you guidance and in some cases sparked a flame within you that will grow so that you may see fully just how marvellous you are. That we truly are the most magnificent beings. That we deserve to be honoured, revered, loved and cherished. That you are powerful beyond measure and hold within you the secrets of life itself.

Finding a way to break down any barriers that stop you from feeling this about yourself will bring a richness you cannot imagine.

See yourself as the Divine sees you. Love yourself as you would love your own child and honour yourself as the Queen you truly are.

All love Sirgun x