Four Realms

The First and Second Chakras create the foundation stones for life.

Habits and addictions manifest from this area as well as Fear. Where stories are her around the Mother and Father. Self acceptance and self love come from the work to clear these chakras.

Creativity and passion are awakened and a sense of flow is experienced.

The Navel and the Heart.

The centre of our being. 


Here we find the top of the lower triangle of Chakras and the bottom of the upper triangle of Chakras.  

It is where we find the belonging that we have endlessly searched for. 

It is where we find the strength to know we are enough. 

The Throat and Third Eye.  

Opening us to the higher realms

Do you sometimes feel like you are a cosmic, expanded entity?  Do you have the sensation that you are powerful beyond measure?

And yet unsure how to use such gifts?


This carefully crafted program allows you to tap into the etheric qualities of being a spiritual human being.

The Crown and Aura.

Experiences beyond time and space.

The seventh chakra of our spiritual anatomy is where we find the home of pure consciousness.  Our centre.  The Universal Centre. The Divine.  Our Soul.

This chakra is connected physically to the pituitary gland which is the Master Gland for the entire Endocrine system.  

Experience the strength of a Woman.   We are protected, guided.  We are boundlessness.