Tantric Numerology is a style of Numerology brought to the west by the master of Kundalini Yoga and the Mahan Tantric, Yogi Bhajan. He taught Tantric Numerology as a tool to align with your higher self.

The teachings are based on ancient yogic and tantric teachings.

The Tantric Numerology system is simple and accurate.

The system is used as a guide to help you understand your own true nature, the people you’re close to and the world around you and it’s natural cycles. You gain insights into your life path and the direction your soul is guiding you on this lifetime.

During a private consultation we assist you in deepening your understanding of yourself through your personal numbers. We are them able to offer you specific kriyas and meditations chosen to balance your 10 etheric bodies and 8 chakras.

You will gain insights into your strengths and weaknesses enabling you to not only be more able to cope in certain situations but better able to accept yourself and begin to trust and use your unique gifts and tools.

We offer tantric numerology readings as part of our consultations and in conjunction with guidance and support.



1.5hr Session


1 hour session