Commences May 2020  |  Samford Valley |  4 Retreats

The Motherhood is one of the most comprehensive Women’s Yogic Teacher Trainings available. You will be studying the art of Womanhood.

During this training you will learn how to teach others or yourself how to embody Motherhood. This training teaches you how to facilitate and teach women at every phase of their life. You will study the stages of a women’s journey from the pubescent girl, through the early fertile years, with all that arises around our menstrual cycle and changing body. You will learn how to support women in bringing themselves to a place of optimum health and vitality as they prepare to conceive.


You will become a certified Conscious Pregnancy Yoga Teacher and learn how to support a woman at all stages of pregnancy and how to prepare that woman for birth.  


We will teach you how to support women during the Fourth Trimester, post natally.  You will be trained as a Post Natal Doula.  Gaining the skill and knowledge to support a mother in the early weeks after birth using yogic philosophy and ancient practises that create an environment that can lead to better attachment and deeper bonding with the baby and reduce the likelihood of post natal depression and depletion for the mother.

You will also become a certified Children and Teens Yoga Teacher. You will learn how to hold Mother and baby classes or children’s yoga groups, ranging form toddlers to teenagers. We will thoroughly explore the principles of Conscious Parenting.


This is the training to attend if you want to specialise in a career working with and supporting women using the yogic tools and ancient practises that we know from first hand experience works. Our training draws on the teachings of Kundalini Yoga as well as the principles of ayurveda and other yogic traditions. We will teach you rituals that can be shared with your community. These special Women’s Rites of Passage Ceremonies bring a great healing to all who partake.


We know that the work we do is more than yoga.  We have been called to serve women within our community and to support and teach other women how to do the same.  


We are growing a network of women who can share these teachings, who can take back their power to choose the birth they want and relearn how to listen to their body’s wisdom fully, and we invite you to take you place within it.


The Motherhood by Graceful Women is a 150hr Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Australia.

Participating in the full course will earn yoga teachers registered with Yoga Australia 150 CPD.


It is estimated that 1 in 6 couples have difficulty in conceiving naturally.  Factors such as lifestyle, the age we are choosing to start our families, stress as well as a growing proportion of glandular and immune related disorders are impacting fertility.


During this module we will take a look at how we can fully prepare for pregnancy.  How we can use yogic tools and technology to support and prepare our bodies for conception. We will use kundalini yoga kriyas, meditations and share lifestyle choices that can bring a woman’s body into optimum health.


We will also teach the art of conscious conception. How to begin the journey with passion and prayer. How to call in a soul of a child. We all know that the foundations are the key to success and longevity.  These are the yogic foundations of motherhood.


Saturday May 2 • 8am - 4pm

Sunday May 3 • 5am for group Sadhana  •  7.30am Breakfast   •  Course training 8.30am - 3pm


The female body is extraordinary. She transforms to create life. Then in love and surrender, births that life through her. During this weekend you will learn the tools you need to become a Certified Pregnancy Yoga Teacher.


You will learn how to teach pregnant women through every trimester.  How to mark the stages of their journey with rituals such as Blessing Ways, and 120 day celebrations. How to grow a community that will provide them with ongoing support throughout their pregnancy and motherhood journey. You will learn kriyas and meditations that have been specifically adapted for pregnant women and provide them with the opportunity to heighten the connection to their souls, their baby, their inner strength and inner wisdom.


Learn how to teach women in your classes to prepare for Active birth and provide them with tried and tested techniques that support good birth outcomes. Develop an understanding of a woman’s physical body and how it changes and adapts during this unique time in her life through feminine Anatomy and Physiology sessions. Learn meditations to help conquer fears and doubts.  


This module is suitable for pregnant women,  those women preparing for motherhood as well as those who wish to teach pregnancy yoga.

This weekend will support deep healing processes for all women.

CERTIFICATION Conscious Pregnancy Yoga Teacher


Friday May 22 • 9.30am - 4pm

Saturday May 23  • 5am for group Sadhana •  7.30am Breakfast   •  8.30am - 4pm course module

Sunday May 24 • 5am for group Sadhana  •  7.30am Breakfast  •  8.30am - 3pm course module


The first 40 days after birth is a sacred time for a mother and a baby to bond. Many cultures around the world practice a “rooming in” period in which a Mother and her newborn are cared for at home. Their family and friends support them with food preparation, cleaning and caring for other children. This is an important time for a newborn as these first 40 days of breast milk help to establish a strong immune system and foundations for good gut health.


Research shows that a woman who is properly supported and able to enjoy stress free time post natally with her baby is more likely to create a stronger bond with her baby and establish successful breastfeeding.  The mother is also less likely to struggle with post natal depression, depletion and exhaustion. In our society we are less likely to have family living in close proximity and can often need the support of an experienced woman such as a Post Natal Doula. Learn about foods and other traditional practises which can be used to support the mother and her family.

This module teaches rituals including a Post Natal Bath, Closing the Bones Ceremony, and other practices to support a Mother during her Fourth Trimester.

You will receive a Post Partum Doula Qualification


Saturday June 13 • 8am - 4pm

Sunday June 14 • 5am for group Sadhana // 7.30am Breakfast // 8.30am - 3pm


Yoga is a wonderful activity for children. As an adult you can share the magic and joy of yoga with young people for their physical mental and spiritual development. Yoga develops brain-body coordination, enriches mental health, promotes a positive attitude and fosters empathy.


By becoming a certified Children’s Yoga Teacher you can help inspire a generation of caring, confident and calm people. Learn how to make yoga fun through story telling and games, introduce young people, from primary school through teens, to mindfulness, and age appropriate self regulating techniques.


During this immersive weekend a whole day is dedicated to Conscious Parenting. As Mothers, let’s discuss how we address 21st Century screen time, online bullying, sexting and youth mental health. We’ll explore how to create safe and supportive environments for our young people now so that they feel optimistic about their future.

CERTIFICATION Children's Yoga Teacher


Yoga For Children

Yoga For Teens

Yoga For Parents

Friday July 24 

Saturday July 25 

• 9.30am - 4pm

Sunday July 26 

• 5am for group Sadhana  •  7.30am Breakfast  •  8.30am - 4pm

• 5am for group Sadhana  •  7.30am Breakfast  • 8.30am - 3pm




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Samford Valley is approximately 35 minutes from the Brisbane Domestic Airport and

is an easy UBER or car hire drive.

The training is hosted at Sirgun's Private Studio in Samford Valley and the address is provided when you book


There are plenty of lovely little Air BNB's in Samford Valley.

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Our favourites are Canter and Colt Cafe and the Four Seasons Wholefoods Store.