Kundalini yoga works to bring your glandular system, nervous systems and chakras into balance so that you will leave feeling balanced and calm yet vital at the same time. Each class is designed with a specific intention in mind, that ranges from a flexible spine, to a calm heart, from building core strength, to clearing energetic blocks and increasing energy.  Classes are diverse and apply the varied techniques from kundalini yoga including posture, breathwork, meditation, mantra and relaxation. 


From your first class you will learn techniques to clear your energetic body and start to bring the mind to a meditatitive space. You will feel energised and relaxed at the same time. Even if you "can't meditate" there are practices that will help calm the fluctuations of the mind and help you reduce stress, anxiety and bring you back to peace.

There are no levels of practice in Kundalini yoga. Only practice. No prior experience needed.

It is not a competition and most of the practice is done with eyes closed in your own medititative space. 


Wear comfortable clothing and simply come as you are.

Heart of the Soul's Sacred Space

155 - 157 Long Road, Tamborine Mountain (Gallery Walk)


With Leila

0430 506 881