Commences February 2020  |  Samford Valley 

Graceful Women Master Classes are specifically designed to support you in taking a deeper yogic journey.


These trainings have been designed for

Yoga Teachers looking to expand their knowledge and learn new useable skills

Students seeking to bridge the gap between being a yoga student and diving into teacher training.

Our Day Retreats are experiential workshops.  Each one will provide knowledge and skills on themes that will give you the confidence as a teacher to create an expert space for any student who sits in your class.

Perhaps you recently  finished Teacher Training and are looking for some extra support to navigate the early days of teaching. Or you may have been teaching for some time and crave a professional booster, to reinvigorate your style, or to connect and share your experiences with other Teachers. Perhaps you just want the opportunity to sit with or train with us, Graceful Women, and learn some of the unique skills we have crafted that make teaching classes and holding space for women both successful and fulfilling.


Yoga Master Series by Graceful Women is a contact core and contact related yoga activity for registered Yoga Australia members.

Participating in the full course will earn you 42 CPD points with Yoga Australia.

February 28 • 10am - 4pm

We were born on a certain date and this date has encoded within it a mass of knowledge that relates to the journey you will take during this life time.


Understanding our numbers offer us a powerful guidance tool. The Tantric Numerology system offers insights into your true nature, your destiny, karma and gently highlighting  your strengths and challenges  through an understanding of the 10 etheric bodies.  These numbers can illuminate your path and the direction your soul is guiding you this lifetime.

When you understand how to work with tantric numerology you to start to work with the tools of kundalini yoga and meditation in the classroom in a much deeper and more meaningful way.


During this retreat you will

Learn how to calculate your personal tantric numerology

Interpret the meaning of the numbers and how they relate to destiny, karma and the 10 bodies

Identify specific yoga practices and meditations for your 10 bodies and how this will deepen your yoga practice and path of destiny.

Yoga Australia

3 CPD Points

March 27 • 10am - 4pm

Statistically 57% of the Australian population has experienced a traumatic event at some point in their life. This means that in reality the number is likely to be higher. As a yoga teacher, the way we approach our class planning, adjustments, our language and cues, can have a positive and healing impact on someone who has experienced trauma, or a negative one. This is an advanced training, expanding on your skills as a Level One yoga instructor to deeply support your students so that they are having a positive experience in your classes.


Whether as a yoga teacher or a fellow co worker we can all benefit from learning how to support another in a Trauma Aware manner. Sometimes learning about the way trauma impacts life as well as the emotional and physical body can provide us with the opportunity to heal and understand some of our own trauma based patterns.

Yoga Australia

6 CPD Points

May 15 • 10am - 4pm

During this retreat we will explore kundalini yoga sets and meditations for opening and expanding the throat chakra as well as a taking long deep dive into chanting together with live music.


Many of us have developed fears around chanting based on childhood experiences or a belief around our ability to sing.  Chanting and using Naad, the sound current, is a totally different and all together fabulously freeing process that can liberate your voice both within the class and within your communication. Mantra used as a tool on its own can generate healing and happiness, opening  you to the experience of deep love and prosperity. 

If we can find our yogic voice we will, as teachers and leaders bring a depth of truth and integrity to our sound current. You fill find your voice will move the energy through your students and will bring a depth and purpose to what you are saying.

During this retreat you will

Experience your own sound current

Learn how to pronounce mantra correctly

Practise Kriya and Meditation for the throat chakra

Experience the bliss and consciousness shifting power of group sound current

Yoga Australia

6 CPD Points


June 19 • Masterclass 12pm - 4pm  //  Moon Circle 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Circles have provided us with a sacred centre for social interaction since the beginning of time. Women are returning to the ancient and sacred art of sitting in circle. It is a simple but powerful experience. To be deeply seen and heard by our community. To feel gently held and honoured in all our imperfection. We are craving this space in our fast paced world. 

Circles have always held mystical and mesmerising appeal to humans since before recorded history.  Their symmetry has been seen a symbol of divinity and nature in balance. We have always sat in circle around a fire whilst cooking and sharing stories, worshipping gods and goddesses and passing down the knowledge and rituals of our traditions. Women’s circles date back to the menstrual huts and moon lodge traditions of 800 CE and are still practised today.  

During this retreat you will

Learn how to facilitate a circle and how you can create this magic within your own community.  


Learn the key elements that help to create a successful circle in which the participants feel included, connected, confident and safe.


Experience the connection that arises when women share openly and free of judgement.  Learn  the art of deep listening. The skill of clever questions and practises that create lasting bonds between women.


Learn how to sit in circle. How to overcome some of the deeply cellular fears we and others may have around trusting other women.

This Master Class is followed by an evening Moon Circle.


Soul Space 23 Parker Street, Newmarket


All yoga equipment, mats and props supplied

We will break for dinner at 4pm, returning to prepare for the Moon Circle at 6pm

Yoga Australia

3 CPD Points

July 17 • 10am - 4pm

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Part of our human experience is being incarnate in a physical body. More than just physical matter though, our physical body is layered with Spiritual Anatomy. The ancient yogis meditated on their bodies to access the wisdom of these subtle energetic centres. In this master class we will identify the dimensions of the chakras and how they show up in our ways of being.

Understanding how energy moves through the chakras is essential to a yoga or spiritual teacher or leader. We have the capacity to move energy up, or down the chakras and to send energy to certain chakras for cellular healing or etheric body healing. 


During this retreat you will

Understand the subtle area of the metaphysical that will enable you a deeper understanding of your self and others.

Learn how to identify your patterned ways of being through applied knowledge of the chakras.

Learn how to find lasting health through strengthening your chakras.

Practise healing kriyas, meditations and mantras that will open you to the mystical ways of your spiritual self.​

Yoga Australia

6 CPD Points

August 7 • 10am - 4pm

Yoga was originally taught to teenage boys to give their mind something to focus on and to men who traditionally practiced asana so they could sit for long periods of time in meditation. Much of the traditional approach to yoga asana has been taught to men by men over the generations. 

Fast forward to 2020 and more women are practicing yoga than men. A Woman’s body is distinctly different to that of a man. In both our physical form, monthly cycles and lifecycle shifts. 


During this retreat you will

Experience posture in a way that is attentive to a women’s bodies and changing needs.

Learn how to tailor your practise to support your monthly cycles. 

Learn how to tailor your practise to support your lifecycles. 

Learn and practice how to use stepping stones to make challenging postures available to every body.

Please bring your own lunch

All yoga equipment, mats and props supplied

Yoga Australia

6 CPD Points

September 18 • 10am - 4pm

The mind filters our whole perception of the world and our place in it. Through the mind we decide if things are good, bad or neutral. Left to its own devices, the mind jumps from thought to thought creating feelings of frenzy and being scattered. Kundalini Yoga meditations are highly effective as they give the mind a job to do. Through the varied techniques of mantra, mudra, dhristi, repetitive movement and breath control, Kundalini meditations allow you to observe the mind and transcend the fretting of the mind. 

Women who are beginning their yoga or meditation journey can find sitting in silent and still meditation challenging. Kundalini Meditations typically involve movement and mantra which are very useful for the female multi-track brain to relax into meditation and supports a woman to find the right meditation for her.

During this retreat you will

Learn about the 3 minds and how they interact to create our perceptions.

Practice accessing the Buddhi mind, the neutral mind, for clarity and intuition. 

Experience an extended meditation and how to witness the changing mind.

Learn how to skilfully include Kundalini meditations into your class and inspire even the most resistant student to meditate.

Yoga Australia

6 CPD Points

October 9 • 10am - 4pm

Kundalini Yoga breath techniques are some of the most powerful tools we can use to create transformation. Many of us are unable to sit in deep meditation for extended periods of time and are looking for accessible ways in which to make lasting shifts towards wellness. In a yoga class breathing techniques can rapidly transform the energy in the room, bring your students into deep presence and bring transformational experiences to your postures.


This is an experiential workshop during which you will learn tools that can be applied immediately. You will be provided with copies of the pranayama we practise so that you can practise again or share in your classes.

During this retreat you will

Experience the variety of Kundalini Yoga Pranayam and how it can be used effectively in a class

Learn how Pranayam adjusts the physiology of the body

Harness yogic super powers using breath techniques

Develop a deeper understanding of breath as a way to achieve altered states of consciousness

Yoga Australia

6 CPD Points

A regular yoga practice helps to balance the body, mind and soul. Occasionally however we need a deep subconscious release and reset to break habitual thought patterns. This is where the Kundalini Yoga rebirthing sets are therapeutically applied. These powerful sequences use advanced pranayam techniques which are not usually taught in a regular class as students can have strong reactions to the practice. This very special event will seal the transformation of the master classes series through a rebirthing set.


Details TBC

This will be a two hour rebirth event.





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